Sunday, July 19

Fabulous Feline Family!

I finally have the answer! When I've filled out interview questions, or surveys that have the question, "what is your most treasured possession?", I never know what to say. I have usually just said photographs, but in this day and age, even photographs can be replaced. This cat family, (my family), is to be treasured as the most valuable possession I have, and I am still a little overwhelmed at the enormity of this gift ♥

This fabulous feline family was created for me by my friend Hanna. The thoughtfulness of this is just so huge, I cannot even express myself how touched I am. My human family never quite grasps how important my babies are to me, they all kind of joke and tease me about it. Well, maybe the baby books are a little over the top....but for Hanna to think of doing this for me, making everyone in miniature, is just beyond special. And she caught their personalities too! The miniature Isabella couldn't be more perfect, looks just like her, mini Valentino has the smile the real Valentino keeps on his face, Ingrid is oh so elegant, Leo has the same big eyes, Shirley with her short little tail that is almost manx like...

:::inserting a million smiles here:::

Hanna has recently opened a shop on Etsy with other miniature animals she is making, and "this and that" of other miniature items. You can see her shop here:
Hanna's Shop

She also has the most exciting blog talking about her life with miniatures, you can check it out here: Hanna's Blog