Tuesday, June 14

Certified Handmade and CDHM Feature

It's been so long since I posted any news here! I got the Certified Handmade Artisan seal on ArtFire, and a feature in the CDHM iMag for June.

In my ArtFire Studio, the Handmade Seal is on the left hand side page. I'll try to add a picture of it here too.

The CDHM iMag is called The Miniature Way, I am not sure how to show any of it here, so am just linking to the different pages.

The feature on CDHM is linked from the home page of the site on the right hand side of the page this month. That will change in July, so I'll link the actual article Here too. (the picture is an old one from a vacation, I had been swimming, so my hair is usually a little better than that)

I keep a gallery on CDHM to show current ArtFire listings and some of my past work all of the time, so if you'd ever like to see what's going on with my miniature pottery, it will show previews with the new listings. My CDHM Gallery and I still like to use flickr for pictures too.

Nothing much else is new right now, I'm enjoying the Summer "out and about" more than being online like I do so much during the bad weather months. I will try to post more often in the future though.