Tuesday, September 6

Tragic Fairy Tale...

I remembered these two fairies the other day, and thought they could have a place in the "Land of ____" once it gets going. There will be a place for my fantasy sculpts on the top shelf, to the left of the rest of the community. I started day dreaming about how I could display these things, and had decided I could have a few real plants that have long tendrals to drape and flow along the shelving. It would make a nice forest area for the fairies, and since I am too short to play with anything on the top shelf anyway, this should all be good in the end.

These two fairies were the first I finished. They were never for sale, because they weren't good enough, but I still liked them just fine. I had put them in a plastic box (not air tight apparently), and had them put away for the past few years. When I opened the box to see these girls again, it was a horrifying sight! The fairy on the left used to have a nice Peacock feather skirt which is nearly all chewed away, and her hair is partially gone too. The fairy on the right has faired much worse... her hair is almost gone, there were feathers in her headband, and even her clothing has holes here and there.

So I googled moths that eat wool and got pretty creeped out. I spent much of this weekend looking for any other signs of these fairy eaters around my house. I dismantled an area that had collector magazines and a few books because I saw too much dust in the rack that held them, I'm about to take apart the whole wall of books on that side of the room because it looks pretty dusty around the bottom shelf holding record albums.

(getting cleaning obsessed a little, but that can't be bad?)

The good news from the holiday weekend...

The miniature Barbies have clothes! I can put them away for now, because I am still trying to figure out pattern making for the regular dollhouse dolls. The proper dollhouse dolls are not quite as tall as these, but they do have a more stout figure, so trying to make patterns fit has been a little hard. I am about to decide I don't need to have a real pattern for anybody else. I just hope I can figure out how to make the clothes removable so they don't have to wear the same outfit every day.

Now I will be off making some miniature flowers for a few days and maybe glazing some pottery pieces I have in bisque stage. That reminds me... while I will still be making some miniature flowers for my vases and a few to sell on their own, (MostlyArt on Etsy) I have also decided to sell the "Bloomin' Easy" flower making kits by Bonnie Lavish in my PrincessOzma shop. (they aren't in there yet, but stay tuned...)