Tuesday, August 5

New Venture

The past couple of months I've been making tiny flowers and greenery for my miniature vases and pots. I was inspired by many of the Mud Team members who were photographing their work with flowers from their gardens.

My first attempts were from kits, and I think that is obvious by the simplicity of the laser cut paper leaves. The paper didn't take to watercolor very well, so there really isn't much definition or depth to the leaves. The paper that was for the actual flower did allow for painting, and I also added my own touches like mulberry paper centers to look "fluffy" in the center of the poppies.

The Tiger Lily from the kit did turn out nice though, and I especially liked the first vase I used them in. The glaze and carving turned out really well, and I will probably try to get a similar one made sometime down the road.

I have enjoyed the flower making much more once I started using my own paper and imagination. The wild roses are my favorite, like in this vase:

My favorite vase from the last couple of months is the last picture. It took forever to carve the designs, and glazing was a trip too. I didn't want any bleed, but did want the lines to be clear. The inspiration was a vase done by Hampshire Pottery about a hundred years ago. The miniature isn't exactly like the vase they made, but you would be able to see where the spark came from if I had a picture of the original.

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