Tuesday, September 15

Miniature Cats and Their Afghans!

I am very slow getting this post up, because I've had it on my plans for weeks now! Earlier I showed my fabulous cat family that my friend Hanna made for me in miniature, but I hadn't shared that now these precious babies all have their own afghans (just like the real cat family does), made by Frieda of Willowscreations.

These pictures are not the best, and I will also be recovering the furniture in plain colors later, but this is the best I can do to simulate a real scene in my livingroom, (the real livingroom), as it often is with the cats and their own personal afghans.

You can click on these pictures to get a larger version! Just found that out right now, when I tried it :)

Frieda makes all sorts of lovely crocheted miniatures, and you can see a few from her shop in this Etsy mini:

Hanna makes all kinds of animals, and you can see in the Etsy mini for her here:


hannajaleijona said...

It looks great! Frieda's crocheting is just wonderful and I love that you have now the afghans both in real life and in miniature. The roombox is really pretty. The windows and the tiny yard are a nice touch there. Great find!

dales_dreams said...

How sweet!

Now Thor is going to start demanding an afghan! ;)

Um, do you need some window treatments for that room? lol, just kidding. :)


Hanna's kitties and Frieda's afghans are awesome! Lucky you!

Willows Creations said...

You did a great job on the roombox. I just love Hanna's cats and any other animals she makes.

And thanks so much for featuring my teensie afghans. It is so neat to see them being used in an actual setting.

dora said...

Me gusta mucho su sala, los gatos precioso. Me gusta mucho