Tuesday, July 20

First Pumpkin has made an appearance!

We're having a proper Summer this year, and the pumpkin vine is really starting to take off! I'm going to go put a marker at the ends of each branch when I get finished posting this, because it seems this beautiful, strong, and magnificent vine is growing about a foot a day now :)

First pumpkin about the size of an orange.

Growing high too... this picture is from the southeast end looking north-ish

A busy bee doing his job :)

July 17 it got up to 100 degrees... pumpkin vine did not like this very much :(

Leo doesn't look to be enjoying 100 degrees much either...

Stay tuned! I'm going to start taking pictures as the vine grows "real" pumpkin looking pumpkins, and the vine takes over the back half of our cat habitat. (don't worry, they have all kinds of fun places if the maze jungle gets taken over by a humongous vine)

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hannajaleijona said...

It looks amazing. We do not have pumpkins this year, but when we did, they were much smaller. Your leaves alone look huge. I hope you'll have lots more sunny and hot days to enjoy!