Sunday, August 8

Memory Box for a Sock Hop

It all started with this Pink Poodle made by Hanna, of hannajaleijona on Etsy. Every time I saw this fanciful poodle it sparked a memory of a 1950s style Sock Hop party I'd been to with my niece, Samantha. I have made a couple of treasure boxes before, but never a memory box with a theme. This was so much fun to collect items for, and finally put it all together. Her birthday is today, I hope she enjoys this memory box as much as I did building it.

The cover of the box has an old 45 RPM record of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. It looks like you could take the record out and put it on your stereo, but in the end, I had to glue the edges of the plastic cover down.

First look inside. There are little boxes and envelope type things with magnetic closures on the inside of the "book" shaped box. Inside, there is a picture of the dancing going on, tiny little Sock Hop HO Scale dancers, another box on one wall, an elegant lady gazing in the mirror on the other wall. (she doesn't really look Sock Hop-ish, but I wanted something on that wall and found that pin in my vintage jewelry drawer).

You can click on any of these pictures to get a better look inside. This first one is the main "room" of the box.

The inside cover wall before we open up the compartments.

The first item is a scroll that tells the story of how this all came about. The way the Pink Poodle gave me the memory of this particular dance party every time I looked at her, and how much I had enjoyed the party. The tiny little one inch size book is a BIO from Hanna's Etsy Shop, about the artist. The bottom left cabinet doesn't have removable items. It has a pair of red shoes, and the quote "Put on your red shoes and dance." from a song by David Bowie, and the last envelope has a pair of teeny-tiny socks, and a doll sized string of pearls.

This box is on the inside main room wall. You open it up and see a tiny trophy and a star saying "dance contest winner", which she was! Samantha won the dance contest that night!

This last picture just has words to show that I really was dancing too, that is me in the background, Samantha in the foreground. I do not know who she is dancing with at the time this picture was taken, she danced every dance, with anyone who would :)


beckynot said...

I love it. It's like a beautiful little treasure chest.


Ascension said...

Que escena mas bonita, me encantan todos los detallitos que has puesto.
besitos ascension

dale said...

This is just wonderful!

You've captured the moment and some wonderful memories. :)

Mairi said...

A really cute treasure and memory both :)