Thursday, November 4

What About ArtFire?

ArtFire is like a grown up version of Etsy. It's been around for a couple of years, but I only started taking a real interest in the site lately. While Etsy has a huge membership, and I am still very emotionally tied to the site with my main shop, and the discussion boards, I am feeling the pull toward change.

ArtFire is not so much geared toward current trends as Etsy. The owner started the site for his mother to have a good place to sell her artwork, so it isn't about what's the latest style in Brooklyn. That part is very good for those of us who are in a totally different place with our art/craft, and those of us who are mostly in a niche market with a small collector market.

I've opened up two shops on ArtFire. One for my miniatures and other handmade things, the other for vintage and supply. I'm keeping the names of both the same as the two Etsy shops, and I'm not leaving Etsy right now either.

Hope you'll drop by and see me there!

Mostly Art on ArtFire

PrincessOzma on ArtFire

Thank you! ♥

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