Friday, February 11

Change in Direction for Miniatures

I have been fretting over this situation for the past few months, and finally came to a decision to just go for it...

The shop Mostly Art on Etsy will be for all of the non-miniature items, and my miniatures will be moving to my ArtFire Studio.

The decision for me, personally, means I will have my own online studio that has many great features.

•On ArtFire, the studios have a blog right inside the studio, where you can show tutorials, works in progress, or anything you want really.

•ArtFire manages to get your items into google searches, so people from all over the world can do a search for miniature items, and my items will show up for them on google.

•Buyers do not have to sign up to make a purchase, and they can pay in ways other than PayPal, (Google Checkout and Amazon Payments too).

•ArtFire has member curated Collections that have the chance of being featured on the front page of ArtFire... (I had one of the collections I curated on the front page recently).

•The studio itself looks beautiful! The items are all shown in a gallery list format with large pictures.

•ArtFire has a program to apply for a "Certified Handmade Artisan" status which shows that you have indeed passed a jury panel with your work in progress, showing you really do make the items you sell. I have already begun this process, and will have this "award" to show people who didn't previously know my work.

•There are Guilds to join for people in your same medium of work, or other support networking. These Guilds are being updated to be more useful over the next couple of months.

•The discussion forums on ArtFire are very friendly and helpful. The owner of ArtFire himself spends time answering questions and explaining all of the things his team is doing to improve ArtFire. He is open, honest, and a very hard worker himself. He is working every day to make ArtFire the best site for handmade (vintage and supplies too), and the personal touch of him being accessible, (even by phone), is very comforting.

What is good about this move to the collectors of my work?

All of the above points ♥ And remember... you don't even have to sign up to be a member of ArtFire to buy things.

This move will be taking me a little bit of time to finish. I am working on new miniature items that will be listed in the ArtFire Studio starting over the next few days. The miniatures that are still in my Etsy Shop will stay there until sold or expired. After that, the Mostly Art at Etsy will be for everything else I make... ArtFire Studio for miniatures and possibly a few ornaments.

I will also still do preview pictures of my work before it's listed for people who like to have a peek at what's coming in the next few days. I'll be using flickr and my CDHM Gallery for the previews, just like before.

Thank you!

Hope to see you on ArtFire for Miniatures! ♥


Betty said...

I can understand your decision. I am going through that myself. I wish you the best of luck with your Artfire venture :)

julie campbell said...

It sounds like a great place to be Joyce,wish you luck !

Jemjoop said...

AF has a ton of great features. More power to you! Jen xo

beckynot said...

Not to be a bummer, but the people behind Artfire will probably be less accessible as artfire grows.

kibbles said...

So happy to have you aboard!


Ludo van Doggy said...

Sounds like the best decision. :)