Monday, March 9

Easy Way to Start!

I watched this video the other day from Ceramic Arts Daily on an easy way to make hollow clay beads.  This shows an easy way to make a "base" for your ceramic vases in miniature.

From the link:

November 7, 2008

Video of the Week:

Making Hollow Clay Beads

by Barbara Hanselman | Read Comments (10)

If anyone was looking for proof that ceramics really does cross over into all sorts of creative endeavors, this week's video is that proof of that assertion. Barbara Hanselman demonstrates how to make hollow clay beads using a few dowels, a small amount of clay, simple tools and a bit of imagination.  Even if you don't want to make beads, this is a great technique. I first saw Mitch Lyons use it (watch for his video coming soon) to make full-size vessels. So give this technique a try and let us know what you come up with!— Sherman Hall, Ceramic Arts Daily

I don't make my basic forms the same way as her first example, but the second example is one I use frequently.

Good video if you are interested in the process of making miniature ceramic vases! ***** (that's 5 stars)  :)

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