Monday, March 9

Miniature Fairies Too!

I haven't been keeping an extra gallery for my miniature fairies and dolls lately, because I haven't made any new ones for close to a year. I do still have a few for sale in my shop , and here are a few of my favorites:

I call this one "Phoebe's Necklace" because the inspiration came from an episode of the TV show "Charmed" and the character named Phoebe. I loved the necklace she had, it was roses on a hemp cord that was really long, and she had it around her neck a couple of times then trailing down like you would a scarf.

This little sleeping fairy got rave reviews from being in many etsy treasuries. She was really sweet, about 4" tall if she were standing (if I remember correctly). Was sort of sad when she sold.

This desert fairy with her dragonfly (also a sculpture in his own right, and poseable), is the largest fairy I have ever made. She would be about 5 1/2" tall if she were standing. In scale for a dollhouse if someone dressed their dollhouse in "nature" things like fairies :)

This sweet little winter fairy would be about 3" tall if she were standing. She got a lot of attention last winter by getting 4th place in a "Winter Wonderland" contest. I know 4th place doesn't sound that hot, but you should have seen the other entries!

My next posting will be back on topic of miniature pottery or similar talk....just wanted to mention I do make other types of miniatures.

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