Saturday, May 2

Hey! What's taking you so long?

I'm not going to have any new work this coming week, and decided to blame it on this piece. Well, it's not really her fault, but she did contribute to my snails pace the last couple of days.

When I have a mermaid or lady on a piece, I make the head first, get the basic facial details done before attaching it loosely on the edge of the vase or bowl. The head of this mermaid was ready to attach to the little tray I was planning for her, when she popped off the pin I was using and landed on the mess of clay bits on the floor (am very messy as you can see in the pictures).

When I found her head, I didn't realize my fingers were wet, and I obliterated all the detail of her face, having to start, I just attached her head the way it was and have been working on the detail from here.

As for no new work this week...I decided to just slow down, and enjoy myself. The flamingo experiments are finished, a few more plain frogs, basic vases waiting to be carved or decorated, and another lantern is almost done. I may be able to get these new things ready for listing before next weekend, but I'm not going to be in a panic if I don't.

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