Wednesday, April 29

More Experimenting

Haven't gotten the clay mess out yet today, because I was playing around with a new experiment first. I need to make the flamingo sculpture stronger somehow, but don't think I can skip the wire armature. Late one night, I thought of using the tiny floral wire instead of the armature wire that is meant for firing (in the right of the picture is the kind of wire made for kiln firing), because it would give me more room for clay, and is also 100 times easier to form into shapes.

The other part of the idea was to use a large metal bead cap for the base of the flower frog. Of course, I couldn't find one in my junk that was the right size, but did find these filigree beads :) Using pliers, tweezers, pin tool, and lots of squishing around of the metal, I finally got one in half ♥

So my plan now is, to build the clay around them, (oh...there is a third little flamingo made onto a regular clay base that's already been fired. this part of the experiment is just to see what happens with the green floral wire), I will build a box around these pieces in the kiln so that if anything weird happens by using non-firing metal armatures, nothing else in the kiln that day will know about it :)

Sorry the picture is not that good, did not take the time to set up all the photo stuff. Going to get out the clay and move this project along now...


MiniKat said...

What an interesting idea. I use floral wire for armatures, but only for polymer clay. It will be interesting to see what happens with real clay.

Good luck! :-)

hannajaleijona said...

I have my fingers crossed here. That is a great idea.