Sunday, April 26

Personal Favorites this week

Last week was one of those weeks where I felt like I didn't get much accomplished, but it may be because I was playing around with experiments rather than normal things. I am very pleased with 3 of the pieces I did complete this week though, and they are all items that didn't need flowers. The flower making mood never did show up the last couple of weeks, so the pieces that needed a little something, got straw flowers, or flowers I made some time in the distant past.

Both the lady vase and mermaid vase got new glaze. I was very pleased with how the glaze turned out, and the girls themselves. Both have sweet faces, and that's always a gamble working small. I never know where the glaze will land for sure (how it pools), and sometimes it changes the faces to not be so pretty. I do like these a lot though ♥

The lantern is my favorite, favorite for a long time. I liked it when I was first making it, but now I really do. I thought I wanted the glaze to turn out more of a matte dark green, but the combination of glaze I used made the top a little glossy. I like the way the color worked out much better this way though, so it was a happy accident.

The further porcelain experimenting happened yesterday, when I found out you can do one fire treating the porcelain like earthenware. It didn't shrink, and it seems to be like a regular low-fire clay body firing just once. The sample pieces I used did not have any carving in them though, so the verdict on "one fire porcelain" is not really complete. I'll make a few new pieces with some detail to go in with my next regular earthenware glaze to see what happens.


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hannajaleijona said...

Oh how gorgeous! All three are just amazing! Now I must check Etsy every time I'm at the computer ;o).