Thursday, April 16

Work in progress this week

I was accused of being just a "hobbiest" on a thread the other day, and this week, that's exactly how I feel too. Things are going really slow, not much to show for the week as far as getting new pieces completed, but I thought if I had it all together in a picture, it might look like I have more done than I thought?
The Jeannie bottle pictures in the background are for inspiration. I worked on the tiny Jeannie bottle one whole night so far, but it isn't going to be exactly like the "real" Jeannie's bottle. I couldn't get all the elements into it and still be in scale, so it will be my own version. I may put it aside for an upcoming challenge on the Mud Team, and finish other things this week instead.

This piece is my favorite of what I've been doing. I think I have about 4 hours in it so far. It will be glazed in dark green, probably matte glazes. I really like it, and this is my first time doing piercing on a miniature piece. It wasn't as hard as I expected, and nothing broke and had to be repaired :)


hannajaleijona said...

Looks fine to me, plenty of pieces. I adore the pierced thing, cannot wait to see it finished. Sometimes things take more time.. and about the hobbyist-thing, phah! It's funny about the titles and definitions, they change all the time. To me you're an artist and I'm a fan and that's just fine.

Annee Mchughes said...

OMG, these really are tiny! Is that a real penny in the picture? Amazing Joyce, really amazing. Your work is wonderful. There are no accusations that matter but your own so accuse yourself of being gifted and thanks for sharing your gift with the world. anne :-)