Tuesday, April 28

Such a thrill to see...

It is such a thrill to see yourself talked about, or see a picture of what happens to your work in the new home. Today I'm going to talk about two very special women who have done this for me. I am signed up for google alerts, and that means when my name (Mostly Art) shows up some where, google sends me a link to go see what it is.

The first time it happened was a picture from Stephanie, PetitPlat, with this picture she had all set up with holiday flair...

Stephanie makes incredible food and decor items herself, as you can see in this picture. You can learn more about her on her fabulous website her shop on Etsy her gallery on CDHM and various other sites you can find in the profiles of these sites.

All of the work in this photograph was done by Stephanie except for the tiny black and white vase that she bought from me. If you go nowhere else, in these links, at least be sure to see her website, http://www.petitplat.110mb.com/ because it is really nice, and has a very good representation of her work.

The second special person I would like to talk about today is Hanna, who has the absolute best blog I have ever been absorbed into! I started reading a few days ago, and it has kept me wanting to read more and more backward, like a really good book you can't put down, but must if you want to get anything done that day.

Her blog has gotten many awards, they are all over the place! And each and every award she gets for this blog is truly earned! I will put the link in here now, but hope you don't go and get lost in it until after reading the rest of my post today :::smiling::: Will put it in again at the end too... Hanna's blog (it is also on the side of this blog in the list of blogs I collected to keep up with)

Here are the first two pictures that google told me about, after this, I have seen them on my own before google told me.

It was so exciting to see my little vases in room settings, just like a life-size house! Aren't her rooms and furnishings fabulous? It looks so cozy, like I would just love living in these rooms.

She puts so much thought into every little detail, and much of this work is her own. When you read her blog, you will see her projects as they go a long. If you haven't caught the miniature bug yet, Hanna will draw you in! ♥

The second two pictures are fairly recent, like in the past few days or week. It is still the same big, exciting thrill to see my work in settings though! Thank you so much Hanna, for doing these pictures, and writing your blog. I love all of this ♥

Hanna's blog link again is: http://hannajaleijona.blogspot.com/ make sure you don't have to be anywhere anytime soon, you will not want to stop reading once you start!

Now I must go and get some work done today too...


Mr Lee said...

We are happy you could come to our blog.
We hope we can keep in touch!Good luck!
Look forward to further communicating with you.

hannajaleijona said...

Wow, difficult to find words... thank you, you made me feel sooooo good! Huge hug, Hanna