Sunday, April 19

Porcelain in the kiln!

I played around with the porcelain yesterday, and far into the night. So far, it wasn't showing a noticible amount of shrinkage compared to earthenware, and it is such a dream to work with!

The porcelain carves really easily without chipping, if I make a slight mistake, like a crooked line, (happens ALL the time with me), it is so easily erased! The porcelain turns back into clay instantly, with just a drop of water on my paint brush. I can see myself being able to produce twice as much work if porcelain works out in all other ways ♥

I made a whole bunch of pendant type pieces with stamps to use for glaze testing too. Everything is in the kiln tonight doing a bisque fire, and I'll see what porcelain does all the way to the end this coming week...

So fun trying new things!

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