Monday, June 22

Ceramic Erin: Survey: potter John Bauman

Ceramic Erin: Survey: potter John Bauman

I just read this fantastic survey on the blog linked above. I just love this guy's words ♥ Wish I could express myself so well! I especially liked this part:

"We notice everything pottery. In the background scenery of a movie set, in a commercial on TV, we'll notice the pots.
If we walk into a strange place and there happens to be a hand-thrown piece in the room, little else occupies our mind – at least until we’ve had the chance to pick that piece up, feel its heft, and look beneath it. It calls our attention like an overheard conversation that sounds more interesting than the one in which we’re currently engaged...
"Oh, excuse me. Did you say something?”

So true! So true!

The whole article is worth reading. Good job, and what a great guy too!

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