Monday, June 29

Featured Artist: MaidOfClay

I just read this fantastic blog interview with one of my all time favorite artisans, Felicia Nilson. (as I just wrote this sentence, I realized I may have spelled Felicia's name wrong earlier today, I'm so sorry if I did! will go see if I can edit my post)

Here's the link to the interview:

There is so much there! Even a video of Felicia working :) I have been a fan of MaidOfClay since my early days of Etsy, because she shares my love of Arts & Crafts pottery, and much of her body of work is in this style. Gave me an instant connection when I saw her shop.

We both belong to the Mud Team of Etsy, and have had many conversations over the past year or two about the pottery we love, and I thought of her shop first for a recent gift I needed.

Oh! I also own a very cute bunny dish that holds my paperclips on my work desk, and one of the gorgeous lady pendants that is hanging in front of me right at this moment. I am inspired by this lovely woman/artist, and was thrilled to read the fabulous interview.

You should read it too!


hannajaleijona said...

Thank you for sharing this, her work is absolutely beautiful! Now I have a serious craving for a pendant though... ;o) It's amazing how good people can get.

MikeRowe said...

Wow she does nice work!

I just gave you an award. Come over to my blog and pick it up.

See you soon,